Your Dog Must Be Wearing Bow Ties If He Isn’t Already

I love dogs on their own but when we dress them up in formal wear, it is irresistible. Max and Louise are real bow tie wearers. Handcrafted bow ties turn Max into a perfect gentleman, but the secret is that Louise is embracing the trend, too! Check out some of their amazing photos decked out in some gorgeous DogTieBrasil bow ties.

If you are a fan of Casino, that’s the perfect bow tie for your dog. Louise’s best poker face won’t save her now!

Are you looking for a bow tie for special occasions like: weddings, anniversaries or other special event? Max and Louise love those small ones: such class, much style!

Does your dog have personality? Dapper dogs with personality usually get amazing bow ties to match. Or if you have only one dog, I’m sure you can a find human one with its pup version. You gonna rock!

Bringing your dog to the office means that there is a “petiquette” to follow. Dressing appropriately is key to corporate world. Max and Louise are always class and with a lot of style when they go to dad’s office.

Whether your pup is going to a wedding, to a park or even hanging out with his best friends, bow ties are the best outfit to look dapper, isn’t it?

If you think that your dog has some style, bow ties are the latest fashion trends for furry friends. 

Colored bow ties brings out Louise’s personality. Your dog can be ready for any pawty invitation wearing fancy bow ties and I’m sure your pooch will be the most fashionable that day! No doubts! 

How can you resist adorable Max with his bow tie? Color mixing is not the sort of thing that anyone is born knowing how to do. That was a perfect spot at home to create a nice photograph mixing all these colors. 

Valentine’s Day is coming up on 14 February and if you don’t know what your dog will be wearing, bow ties is the perfect outfit to impress. Don’t forget the red roses, they make Valentine’s Day special. Send your love with one, five or a dozen!

Think your furry friend have some doggy style?

So bow ties are for them!