Your Next Summer With Your Dog Will Be In Mykonos

Not booked this year’s summer break and yearning for some sunshine? The great Mykonos summer weather is what has made Mykonos such a well known holiday destination. Including your dog in your summer travel is an amazing bonding experience that you’ll not regret at all. I promise you! Continue reading

12 Paradise Beaches Your Dog Must Visit In Their Life

Imagine sugar-white sand beaches with endless turquoise water. Sound like paradise? Our dogs think so, too. I’ve been to many beautiful beaches with my pups Max and Louise and I can confidently say that they love the beach as much as we do.
These are a few of their favorite spots in Spain, Venezuela, and Portugal. A dog’s life is too short to not visit one of these beaches at least once. Bon voyage!

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10 Reasons Travel Is Better With Your Dog

I’ve traveled all over the world, seen famous landmarks, explored ancient ruins, and lounged by the bluest shades of water – and I’ve always done it with my pups, Max and Louise, by my side. You know your dog better than anyone else. If you have a dog that adjusts quickly to new situations, he can be your best travel companion – and why not travel with your best friend? Here’s why traveling with your dog is just plain better.

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