Always Be Together With Furbo Dog Camera

I have been testing out Furbo for a while and now I know exactly what happens when my dogs are home alone. With the Furbo Dog Camera, I´m able to see, talk and toss treats to them even when I´m travelling for a short period and they stay at home with a friend. Life had changed specially after the arrival of baby John, the latest member of the family. Furbo Dog Nanny  is helping us a lot!

Furbo has a very easy set up, you just have to plug in, connect by downloading the app on your phone and then you are ready to talk to them and fire out some treats when pushing the button. Those treats must have around 1cm (0,4 inches) diameter, no more than that size. Round shaped ones work better! Like no other camera, Furbo advises you when your dog is barking so as you can check it out what is going one while at work for example.

Watching their behavior when home alone is the something really cool: Louise was rewarded when I told her to get off the couch. Good girl! Furbo is for all dog owners who want to have a contact with their dogs while traveling or working. You can even watch them at night due to the infrared night vision. That is awesome! The camera switches automatically and then you can discover if your dog sleeps or if he does a mess at night. At home, my dogs usually sleep when I go out for dinner or to party.

Furbo has a modern design and it blends well with all furniture. I do recommend keeping it in a piece of furniture instead of putting on the ground. Max wanted so much to get the camera, he´s crazy with treats! The camera has a 160° wide angle and full HD video quality, you just have to plug the camera into the mains, find a good position at home where your dog stays and you are ready to always be together with him. The camera uses Wi-Fi connection and you can see them as soon as you have data on your phone, as simple as that.

Furbo is the #1 best selling dog camera on Amazon and also works with Amazon Alexa, totally hands-free! It is usually sold for 259€ but you can buy it here for 139€ and make a very happy Christmas for you and for your dog.

Don´t miss this out and Happy Holidays!

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